Shout out to Astronvim!

Got to give a shout out to Astronvim. Ever since NeoVim moved to lua it has been config hell for me. Stopped trying to roll-my-own and tried LunarVim, nvChad, and others. Astronvim was easy to setup and did 99% of what I needed to do with minimal config.

I have some oddball needs since I work with some old Node.js API’s that use Mocha. Setup under Astronvim was incredibly simple setup to allow me to run/debug tests in the editor. Goodbye vscode!

only thing changed from install were mason installs and two files


I can’t lie when I say that I have yet to try a Vim distro (I think that’s their name) before. I’ve always set up my config myself, to mixed results. I am thinking of trying this one out, though.

Yeah it was a bear when I tried to switch my setup over to lua. After awhile I decided to try some of the distro’s. I used Lunarvim the longest but I really had to do a lot of config for dap and mocha and the debug screen didn’t render correctly. Executing mocha tests was a bit of pain too.

The new setup is on par with everything I do with vscode which has made me very happy since vscode w/vi keys was really crappy experience.

What is the advantage in comparison to NvChad?

I do not know if there is an advantage over NvChad, but it is a nice setup. I tried NvChad and it was just way easier to understand AstroNVim. I was cranky a little bit when they went to the new version until I just realized all I had to do was delete my local dir and it recreated everything to match.

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I like the preconfig’d community plugins for astronvim. One less thing to have to deal with.

Thanks to @AceFour and @Quenyen for your feedback.

I think NvChad has predefined community plugins as well. (I mixed up things here, as it seems)

I will try out AstroNvim.

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I use NvChad. Backed up the config and now giving this one a try. Looks pretty nice with sane defaults.

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You can go without backup when you use NVIM_APPNAME


git clone --depth 1 -- ~/.config/AstroNvim
NVIM_APPNAME=AstroNvim nvim

You find more on this here:

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I just saw that the AstroNvim people have also mentiones NVIM_APPNAME here:

Aah, that’s a nice trick, thanks for that!

Ok, I did some deeper testing with AstroNvim and I have to admit that I like it more than NvChad which I used before.

Without much hassle I was able to get my stuff into AstroNvim and be happy with it.

So, I have to say thank you @AceFour for your shouting out to AstroNvim. :sweat_smile:

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