Should there be an option to install openbox with a simple config?

Well what a lot i want can somebody else do it as i want spoon feeding,
You i wanters should not be here its easy to install open box everything you need is in the Arch repro and the Wiki just do it and learn something

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BTW I use Arch this is not the Arch forum :sunglasses:

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I hear Arch forums… :slight_smile:


BTW I use Arch this is not the Arch forum
No its not that does not mean users should be spoon fed.

No not really but Openbox is well served by arch and its users in fact when i was a new user openbox was the new user go for and still is I learned more about Linux installing Openbox on Arch than one could ever learn by getting someone else to do it for me plus i owned it.


This is not Arch forums, but a very friendly forum, please don’t hijack it.
At the very beginning, we got “spoon fed” by getting the EnOS installed in a jiffy!


What the hell has the Arch forums got to do with it, this is not a friendly forum YOU are insulting me, Never been insulted on the Arch forum in 15 years. you would not even use the Arch forum to set up Openbox, That is what the Arch wiki is for the same place as your 99.5% EndeavourOS that i’m writing this from. Lol

this is very true. if you install openbox and lightdm and enable autologin successfully you have done a little something, more than say installing gnome on arch which is all done for you… configuring it can take a while and when you’re done you appreciate more what mate and xfce offer.

This is all correct when we did The Arch architect installer and Pacbang a few years ago we found to many I want this and that changed users, in the end when Carl left I decided it just was not worth the hassle of helping users that could not do anything for themselves 4 years later it has just got worse and worse, so many users just want the bragging rights i use Arch but then demand others do the work for them, its just taking the mick out of the developers that in the end just get so disillusioned they pack it in.

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It is exactly why we chose Endeavour OS – we don’t need the “bragging rights,” but a terribly nice distro, ready to be installed in a jiffy. And, also a forum, where people reply to even a highly noobish question. I am here, because this forum is a good place to be, whether it is based on Arch or not. That is, it is Arch sans Arch forum. You say, you’ve been there for 15 years, so the bad habits.

If you want to look at an Openbox system

And, don’t forget the OP subject…

That insulted you? I’m legitimately impressed at how easily you can get insulted.


Okay, let’s stay on-topic, please.

As a reminder, everyone can ask a question or place a suggestion over here, without burning each other down.
If a topic doesn’t fit your taste or philosophy, you can also simply ignore it and give other people the opportunity to discuss a topic.
This isn’t addressed to anyone in particular, it’s just a general remark.
Keep it friendly, we already have to deal with unfriendliness enough in the real world :wink:


I have a bit. What I used to do in Openbox was set my font scaling etc in .Xresources. If you use Rofi set the DPI the same way:

Xft.dpi: 192
rofi.dpi: 192

Then change your fonts to get to the right size, that was pretty much it. Don’t forget to set your custom scaling in the XFCE4 settings manager too if you use that.

I have found that it all depends really on the physical size of your monitor. Right now I use a 43" 4k screen and all my scaling is set to 1.0, dpi set to 96 and I am using dwm. Font sizes set to 10px.

You may need to change to a more HiDPi friendly OB theme but as I used it with no decorations it didn’t really cause me too many issues.

Hope that helps man. Mostly my setup took a lot of experimenting to get perfect. Happy to help if you need anything further.

EDIT: Just had a thought, if you use any QT apps they require special assistance to scale nicely.