Should Linus(LTT) Pick Endeavour as his Daily Driver?

@Kresimir / @dalto you’re the best at explaining it :upside_down_face:

Yeah, that huge screen was really funny. Like sitting in the first row at the movies :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

As noted in the Arch wiki:

As put by Emmanuele Bassi, a GNOME developer: "there are no real, substantiated, technological reasons why anybody should run a GUI application as root. By running GUI applications as an admin user you are literally running millions of lines of code that have not been audited properly to run under elevated privileges; you are also running code that will touch files inside your $HOME and may change their ownership on the file system; connect, via IPC, to even more running code, etc. You are opening up a massive, gaping security hole…


What? Right click and compress to zip… weird that they don’t know how to do that.Windows came very late to the table, what concerns print to pdf embedded in system and apps and zip/unzip.

Thx. But I don’t like that at all. As I said, Dolphin didn’t work for root a few years ago. Now it does. And if it works I expect it to work as intended. If not, that’s a fail.
Anyway, I don’t use it often but I didn’t run into any problems so far.

@NX-01 you should not run Dolphin as root.


Well, that’s the point. Is it fully functioning or not if using a GUI, that’s there by default, provided by the system itself, can cause all those problems like you say?

edit to be fair, Dolphin gives you a warning (" Using Dolphin as root can be dangerous" iirc) but if it’s that serious they should use a different phrase here to make it more clear. As it is worded I understood it more in the sense of “you may delete some important files because you misclicked” or something like that.

Linux is freedom, if it allows to do anything or have something pre-installed - doesn’t mean it’s good / safe :upside_down_face:


Yes, it is. This question makes as much sense as: “Is it fully functioning or not if it allows me to delete my /bin directory (using the utilities provided with the system itself), thus making the system unusable?”

You’re not supposed to run GUI programs as root, just like you’re not supposed to delete your /bin directory.

You can do it, if you really want to, contrary to all advice given, but you may find the consequences of it to be disagreeable.


OK, it may be like this but I don’t get why you are all defending this.
If a tool doesn’t work as intended, then just don’t provide it by default. That has nothing to do with freedom. Let the user install and use it at his own risk, that’s freedom, but don’t provide it by default.
That’s my opinion.

The tool works as intended. It is not intended to be run as root.

It even warns you against it. What more do you want?

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Because there is good and bad practice…

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Anyhow to relax the mood

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Why comment before watching?

ofc they did that (also only Linus kind of failed the task), but Linus did not see the progress indicator + the task was weirdly designed (given the 15 minutes limit), it included a huge file taking lots of time to compress, and it was on a USB flash drive, and then they had to send it over internet.

What I want is to not discuss this any further. I already stated my opinion, there’s nothing more to say.

His impatience got over him. He shouldn’t have fiddled with the temporary file being zipped. :joy:

Just watched it. They genuinely tried to make things work. They kind of were on the clock to show their skills, that was kind of funny, how happy Linus was to just print a page.

Because I was disappointed by all what was filmed before, I had very low expectations.

Well, it’s more about the lack of clear progress indicator. e.g. in GNOME it’s a tiny icon at the top.

Thought there was one on the bottom right but his screen is too large for a desktop setting, he only saw it afterwards.

Don’t know if dolphin has a progress cheese but plasma should have this in notifications.

I think it’s just a comedy show! :thinking: