Should I use hyprland as my 1st window manager?

I am thinking of a fresh install. And now with a window manager instead of DE, specially hyperland.
But I don’t have any prior experience with window managers…

So I was thinking should I install hyprland as first wm?
If yes do you have some suggestions?

Give it a try in a VM. You can customize and experiment with multiple WMs to see which one works best for your workflow. Then once you’ve decided, install it on bare metal.


I wouldn’t. If you are just starting out use EndeavourOS i3. All the hard work is done already. Once you get the hang of it. You can start digging into the config files and seeing how things work in the background. After that it’s pretty much the same process for all window managers. Sway and hyper are more complicated because they rely on wayland.

i would suggest install i3wm , change lightdm to ly , install sway beside or make it easy with nwg-shell with install wrapper for hyprland… or use some config but source it in different place to avoid issues waybar has bit different config with hyprland but you can setup a different folder :slight_smile:

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