Should i switch to EndeavourOS?

Welcome! You’ll do great here. There’s a lot of folks who have come here recently.

As far as stable or rolling, this is based on arch so the only option is rolling. If arch updates, so do we.

Although one of our members has gone and setup a “stable” workaround for us. Maybe @jonathon can link to it and explain it a bit more since I don’t really understand how that works too be honest. It does require some leg work to get going, but it could be the stability you’re looking for.


Well i don’t want the os to die when i am in an exam or anything like that, I’m very skeptical in general :smile:


Then don’t update until after the exam and you’ll be just fine.


Then don’t update when you are in an exam. :wink:

Generally: the smaller the update process the smaller the chance for issues, the smaller the number of packages which could be the cause, and the less work it is to work out what broke.

To prevent “accidental” updates you can either limit your use of -y, use the ALA, or use e.g. my stepped repo (Current, Daily, Weekly, Deferred mirror setup).

And for “ultimate” safety, install onto a BTRFS root and install grub-btrfs and either timeshift or snapper, then you can easily boot to a previous snapshot of the OS.


Welcome aboard Hope you enjoy the OS and the forums. As for that other place you mentioned that’s a life raft that they cut a hole in so to they could see if there are ant sharks below, and then they wonder why they are sinking. Again welcome aboard.


Friendly reminder… :hugs:


Yeah don’t worry about it. I saw a review about this distro where it had a few performance problems when it came to gaming. Maybe it was a flawed review, i’m not sure

I think you have been fed a whole bunch of misleading information before coming over hear. As a arch user Arch is as stable as it gets in fact more stable than most of the fixed release distros out their, You came from Manjaro it has its own problems but if you prefer Manjaro that is fine with me.
But like everything else if you don’t try Endeavour you will spend your life wondering if you mad a mistake,
Its your decision only you can make that choice


Can i make it not search for updates automatically, or that’s default?

As always … test in a VM first and make up your own mind.

There will be a little more work initially as EndeavourOS only installs a vanilla DE, but once you get it setup exactly as you wish it should be at least as stable as your previous distro.

As with all systems … make sure you have a proven backup and restore strategy and are comforable chrooting into your system if required. That said I have yet to need either on any Arch based system I’ve run, excluding disk failure.


A properly implemented update checker won’t alter your package lists (it will use checkupdates or similar), so even if you’re alerted that there are updates you can ignore that.


Alright, thank you everyone. I ran Endeavour on a usb stick and i managed to get pamac running (got too used to it). I think i might switch to it. Thank you a lot for the help and the wholesome welcome!


I personally would not recommend that on any OS. I’d keep the update search as is and before doing any updates research them. If one of your concerns is updates breaking various programs I haven’t run into that yet in EOS. My suggestion is install timeshift and timeshift-autosnap and grub-btrfs(if you are using a btrfs file system). For the later you will have to update grub to get the timeshift option to show on your grub menu.

aaaand i hit a roadblock. Installing pacman-aur-git flooded the terminal with 404 errors. uhhhh what?

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Why do you want Pacman from the aur. It is already there , managing your packages

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He meant to say this:


Yes. That one. There is this gtk thing that flooded the terminal with 404 errors when i try to install pamac using yay -S pamac-aur-git

Check and/or change your mirrors via the welcome app. Then make sure the repositories are up to date.

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yay doesn’t require the argument ‘S’ . you can just go yay xxxx . :slight_smile:

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update system first e.g.

sudo pacman -Syy
sudo pacman -Syu

and try again (you have installed offline?)

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