Should I dual boot endeavour on laptop?

I bought a laptop yesterday, specs:-
lenovo thinkpad,

1x 11th Generation Intel® Core™ i3-1115G4 Processor(Core i3-1115G4)

1x 8GB DDR4 3200

Operating System
No Operating System()

Hard Drive

Wireless Network
1x Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX200 2x2 AX; Bluetooth® 5.0 or above

1x Kensington lock; Headphone & Microphone combo Jack; HDMI 1.4b; 2 USB 3.1(Type A); 2 Type C(DP
and USB); CS18 Docking; WWAN SIM; MicroSD card

1x 720P HD with Dual Array Microphone

1x Intel UHD Graphics

14.0 HD

I installed windows as I need it for my online exams.
Now I am confused which distro I should install as I have never owned a laptop before, and don’t want to invest a lot of time fixing different stuff.
I use endeavour on my pc, and i love it.
So is endeavour os good for laptop? Is dual booting easy? If so, what things do I have to take care of after installing it? for eg drivers will be included in the kernel for trackpad etc? I don’t know anything about power management or how to take care of laptop…
In short, I want to dual boot linux (preferably endeavour) with window manager. Can this be done without any problems? As online exams are important. And how should i maintain the laptop? For eg on pc I have periodic cache cleaning, ssd trimming etc, but laptop also has battery, track pad, track point…
I plan to use window manager like i3 or xmonad.
Sorry for my English.
Thank you!

In my opinion you are a bit overthinking. Disable secure boot and fast boot on UEFI once you receive it, install windows as normal, disable fast boot amd hibernation from windows, then shrink the main partition from windows and install EndeavourOS to the unallocated space.


Yes. What thinkpad model do you have? Everything works for me out of the box but there are always oddities in hardware, like incompatible proprietary drivers for soundcard or trackpad that can be a pain if you have one of those. Else you computer should not explode, for sure :rofl:


I have 2 Lenovo Thinkpads that are multibooted with no issues at all. One is a E520 that has 4 distros on it including EndeavourOS and one is a E531 that has 5 distros on it including EndeavourOS. You should have no issues as well.


In which case, stick with Windows if things already work?


I would like to add to everyone’s comments here.

I have a laptop with the exact same processor. I have never booted into windows on this processor but linux is known to not have the best battery life when it comes to laptops. I have optimized my machine with auto-cpufreq and the acpi-cpufreq kernel driver and am only seeing a slightly better result on battery life than before the change.

It is worth noting that Tiger Lake CPU’s, such as this one, are not able to be undervolted which is a shame.

Overall, I will say given the dual-core, hyper-threaded, and frankly underpowered processor, linux is the best thing for it. Runs like a top.

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I have been a Linux user since 2000! I have been distro hopping for almost the past 10 months and tried everything Deb, RPM, Gentoo, Slackware… you name it… and settled finally on Manjaro (which is Arch based as EndeavourOS), but I quit it and settled finally on EndeavourOS. Simply because it is the best, and the best and most friendly community.

On Linux in general and EndeavourOS in particular it is very stable… you will be only updating! It is not Windows. :rofl:

Mainly this is a windows thing. Don’t worry about it in Linux.

Welcome and enjoy your laptop, your EOS, and this community

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No, you should only have EndeavourOS. No windoze.

Drop out and go to a proper school.

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Did you try throwing the app at Wine?

Taking a stab at what OP needs Windows for, when he refers to “Exams”, are the monitoring/lockdown software that is implemented to curtail cheating.

Assuming this is University the OP is talking about, you do not want to be messing about with this as your hard work and tuition money are on the line.

Trust me, if that is the reason for OP’s need of Windows, they are correct in stating the necessity.

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If a university wants you to use spyware, they should provide the hardware for it (as well as the software). Especially since you’re paying them a fortune in tuition.

My employer demands that I use windoze (because we live in society and there is no “I” in “TEAM”), so they give me a company’s laptop for work. Of course, I am not allowed to install any other OS on it, and I’m fine with that, as it is not my laptop. But they do not expect me to defile and pollute my own hardware with any such malicious, proprietary software.


You’re absolutely correct. And it is a shame, I can only speak for my experience at University in the US, they will provide the hardware but you must “rent” the hardware on a daily/as needed basis in order to go that route.

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It depends on you. I would say yes, but that’s not the same for everyone.

Every DE comes witha window manager. Hell even window managers come with window managers.

See replies above.

EOS has fstrim setup already. Cleaning the cache is already covered in my update thread.

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