Shortcuts inhabilited

“I have migrated from Deepin to Endeavor OS and I have found greater fluidity in many aspects and everything runs very well. However, I encounter a problem that leaves me somewhat uncomfortable, which is that it does not recognize all the keyboard shortcuts, like ALT + TAB or the other SUPER key ones. This makes the distribution fall a bit short in terms of workflow. If someone knows how to fix it, I would greatly appreciate it.”

We need to know which desktop environment you installed on EndeavourOS. The desktop environments ship with the default shortcuts from upstream. It is possible Deepin does make some changes to that, while EndeavourOS (and arch in general) doesn’t do that.

“It’s Deepin 23. And because I know its desktop environment shortcuts, that’s why I’m warning you.” :sweat_smile:

I don’t use Deepin so I can only suggest you look inside the settings if there are any options for setting the shortcuts you need.

Assuming you have KDE as your DE, this might help: Common KDE Shortcuts

I understand your hypothesis, but the problem is that it does not save the collection of commands from Deepin or another environment. It’s not that they are configured differently; they are not there.

I get that. But as was mentioined, DEs have their own specific shortcuts. Seems Deepin does as well. But maybe creating custom shortcuts could help add what you’re missing, or what you want.