Shortcut : make a window stay on top always

In the process of learning, i have to refer to many app: browser, forum, terminal and my notes…
I only have 2 monitors for 4 to be constant in my sight.
To make an app keep staying on top of other, i have to use mouse right click to manually tick the feature.
I was looking for hopefully it has shortcut preset that i can just use simple shortcut to make it stay on top and not stay on top.
I was searching in Krunner<alt + spacebar>, there are global shortcut and standard shortcut. While i searched standard shortcut, there is nothing that interested me currently. But in global shortcut, there are so many app i need to manually browse through.
What is belong to standard shortcut and what is global shortcut. can hardly find info on “arch: global shortcut”. From my point of view: global should means it is not application specific, like Meta-D = show desktop should be belong to global shortcut, while standard shortcut should be like ctrl+c, ctrl +v… then again, it is also should be categorized as global shortcut… :expressionless:

How about:

System Settings > Workspace > Shortcuts > Global Shortcuts > System Services > KWin > “Keep Window Above Others” and “Keep Window Below Others”

I can’t locate it. There is no Kwin

In the next version of plasma, standard shortcuts and global shortcuts are getting combined so I wouldn’t worry about it overly.


I just want to use keyboard shortcut to make an application to stay on top always and toggle it. Where to locate it or where to set it ?

That is because you have “system” in the search box. Search for kwin instead if you want to use the search.


Aha! That’s where the problem is . Sorry I am being an idiot . :sweat_smile:

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Maybe you are just trying to learn a little too much at once? Maybe slow down and just use what you have and get used to everything. Slowly … surely…methodically. :thinking:

Slow down a little. :turtle: