Shortcut Keys Not Working

I have installed endeavour os lxde because of my low end laptop

how can I use my shortcut keys
for eg = f12 for increasing brightness, f1 to mute, f2 to decrease volume, f3 to increase volume
If i press them nothing happens
how can I enable them
please help
I am a complete newbie

I’d probably have started with the standard Xfce desktop given that’s the default and the one most people here will be using.

Generally, there will be a modifier that will trigger the alternative behaviour, e.g. a Fn key. Then, something has to be listening for the keypress. What does LXDE use to listen for the keypresses?

Generally speaking, the best place for any “complete newbie” to start is with some reading - for example, you might consider obtaining an “Introduction to Linux” book. The Arch wiki also has a lot of very useful information but it is also quite dense:

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You can find the keybinds at ~/.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml you can edit the file to add your own. For further help this would help.

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I have tried opening this file by entering it’s location in file manager search bar
It was showing no file or directory

I also tried to open this using terminal the same error was coming

btw thanks for the reply

I would try my best to be useful in this forum

I tried using xfce
but because of my slow processor things we were taking a bit longer than usual to open up
and my ram is also very less and slow (gets filled very easily)
so switching to lxde I think is a step worth doing for me

I do not know

I will surely check it out

.config file is in you home directory it’s a hidden folder press Ctrl + H to see the hidden files and folders. If it’s not there you need to copy the file from /etc/xdg/openbox/rc.xml to ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml to ~/.config/openbox/.

Also, our bspwm or i3 would might suite you.

yeah I followed the instructions you have given

and after opening the file this is showing

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<openbox_config xmlns=“”>






























<!-- this stuff is only used at startup, pagers allow you to change them
during a session

   these are default values to use when other ones are not already set
   by other applications, or saved in your session

   use obconf if you want to change these without having to log out
   and back in -->
  <!-- set names up here if you want to, like this:
<name>desktop 1</name>
<name>desktop 2</name>
<!-- The number of milliseconds to show the popup for when switching
   desktops.  Set this to 0 to disable the popup. -->
yes Nonpixel Center 10 10 0 0 0 0 TopLeft 0 0 no Above Vertical no 300 300 Middle C-g no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no 1 2 3 4 client-menu yes yes true PCManFM pcmanfm pcmanfm --find-files lxpanelctl run lxpanelctl run lxpanelctl menu lxpanelctl menu lxtask gnome-screenshot -i lxrandr 8 200 400 client-menu top left right bottom client-menu client-menu client-menu client-list-combined-menu root-menu /usr/share/lxde/openbox/menu.xml 200 no 100 yes yes <!-- # this is an example with comments through out. use these to make your # own rules, but without the comments of course.

the name or the class can be set, or both. this is used to match

windows when they appear. role can optionally be set as well, to

further restrict your matches.

the name, class, and role use simple wildcard matching such as those

used by a shell. you can use * to match any characters and ? to match

any single character.

when multiple rules match a window, they will all be applied, in the

order that they appear in this list

# each element can be left out or set to 'default' to specify to not
# change that attribute of the window

# enable or disable window decorations

# make the window shaded when it appears, or not

  # the position is only used if both an x and y coordinate are provided
  # (and not set to 'default')
  # a number like 50, or 'center' to center on screen. use a negative number
  # to start from the right (or bottom for <y>), ie -50 is 50 pixels from the
  # right edge (or bottom).
  # specifies the monitor in a xinerama setup.
  # 1 is the first head, or 'mouse' for wherever the mouse is

# if the window should try be given focus when it appears. if this is set
# to yes it doesn't guarantee the window will be given focus. some
# restrictions may apply, but Openbox will try to

# 1 is the first desktop, 'all' for all desktops

# 'above', 'normal', or 'below'

# make the window iconified when it appears, or not

# asks to not be shown in pagers

# asks to not be shown in taskbars. window cycling actions will also
# skip past such windows

# make the window in fullscreen mode when it appears

# 'Horizontal', 'Vertical' or boolean (yes/no)

end of the example


what to do next ?

Read openbox wiki page which shows you how to add the bindings to that file. Our openbox online edition comes with all default settings so the user has to customize it to fit his needs.

It’s better you read their entire help document section or use it as a reference. Link:

How much RAM do you have? 4gb can run everything pretty easily. 2gb I’d suggest MATE for a full featured DE and still usable. Lxde is great but very basic. That is what keeps it light though.

I have 4 gb ram of which 3.26 is usable
and the speed of my ram is 1600 mhz
my processor is of amd a6 1.8 ghz

xfce runs on it
but I am learning web development
and coding in vs code alongside using browser is very painstaking

everything starts to freeze with extreme lags
but switching to lxde solved all the problem

It is more fast and snappy for me

but I think I need to switch from it too
as my bluetooth is not working properly
nor the shortcut keys on the keys
and the volume management is very poor too

Try a bspwm or i3 edition that hardly uses RAM or resources.

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ok I am installing plasma straight away
will see what will happen

How did you set it up?

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im not sure if you resolved this but some of those shortcuts are linked to vendor specific software in Windows.

What model laptop do you have?

downloaded blueman bluetooth manager

I Have switched to xfce
and I am facing no problem
thanks for the concern btw