Short freezes in desktop

Hi, i’m relatively new to EndavourOS. Have my system running since about half a year.
Since about am month i get short freezes, about 1-3 seconds.
The screen completely freezes, sound output continues to work.
After that everything continues as it should.

It happens somehow randomly, but i can trigger it with specific actions more often:
-Watching a video on youtube with firefox, waiting some time, than move the mouse. Exactly at this moment i get a freeze
-Maximizing Dolphin file explorer
-while working with Bitwig (Digital Audio Workstation) it happens a lot
-Being in an zoom meeting. If i speak while it happens its not recorded

It never happens while gaming.
I think maybe it never happens when the system is under much load.
Switching back from zen to default linux kernel didn’t help.

journalctl shows nothing when a freeze happen.

Here is “inxi -Faz” log:

Can’'t understand why this would be happening with the hardware you have. I take it you have vulkan-radeon installed?

Since i see you mentioned gaming also and zoom. Make sure you have all the drivers installed.



Edit: I see your UEFI Bios is current with a Beta version coming up next. So this is good. Hardware also looks good.

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that’s weird–not enough to think its hardware but I also think missing/broken.
dmesg always tells a story…
I use dmesg | tail if I have to hard reboot/reboot due to problems.
If the problem is in realtime, like you say, I saw # watch "dmesg | tail -20"' here I’ve never used it enough to dial in all the commands but might, compared to journalctl, get you closer to cause.

second edit: swap also a common culprit


@drunkenvicar good hint with dmesg, but nothing here either

@ricklinux yes, vulcan-radeon. The hardware video acceleration drivers were missing, but after installing nothing changed.
But you pointed me in the right direction with video stuff, tried out lots of stuff and figured out what causes the Problem:

I have a 165 Hz Monitor with freesync enabled.
The Problem only is there when i am at 165 Hz.
With 60-144 Hz the freezes do not happen.
My monitor does have a OSD to show the real incoming FPS. When i have a youtube video running it sometimes jumpes down from 165 Hz to 142 Hz. On lower Hz its stable. Maybe this has something to do with the freezes.

I think this also explains why it does not happen while Gaming, right now i play Baldurs Gate 3, which is about 100 Fps, so never reaches the 165 Hz (because of freesync).

But i wonder why it happens, i have a good Displayport cable, and most times it works as it should.
Because it’s so specific to what i do, i don’t think its just a hardware issue?

Maybe i could try to install a second OS to see if i get the same behavior there

Edit: freesync was not used, i will try what results i get with wayland, because there freesync works out of the box

It could also be caused by freesync? :thinking:

I don’t think so, freesync was not used with X11.

With wayland i don’t get the freezes anymore at 165Hz. And Freesync works like it should.

I will stick with wayland, as everything works fine now

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You could also check under CBS in UEFI Bios setting. Power supply Idle Control. It’s usually set to auto. But it has been found to jump to use low current idle. Best to try typical current idle. Try it with Xorg and see if that makes any difference.

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