SHLVL is too high. Can't yay -S

Posted this on Reddit. Trying to get as many eyeballs as I can.

Okay, I tried to do the best I could to hand over all the information I can to you, and I used pastebin to do it.

I’m experiencing problems with makepkg and ccache. Whenever I “yay -S aur-package-here”, it starts building, and then freaks out and says

/usr/bin/bash: warning: shell level (1000) too high, resetting to 1

and my RAM fills up if I don’t kill the process with Ctrl+C. I don’t know what the heck I changed or didn’t change, but now I can’t install packages from the AUR.

I was following the Arch Wiki on makepkg to see if I could optimize the performance. I made all the changes and tweaks the Wiki said to do for makepkg, ccache, and the needed colorgcc changes. I might’ve messed up.

Here’s all my stuff I know to give you:

- Output from ccache -psvv

- ls -al /ramdisk/ccache

- Current fstab Settings

- makepkg.conf

- colorgcc config

What am I doing wrong? I’ve read, re-read, and re-read the Arch Wiki, and I’m just not seeing it. What did I miss?

Which package are you trying to install? Have you tried to makepkg it manually?

If you use default makepkg.conf, do you still have the same problem?

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Okay, so I haven’t tried the default yet, but I discovered that using the same .bashrc settings for both Root and User makes the SHLVL problems go away. I tweaked Makepkg.conf again to mirror settings in Arch Wiki and now I get {-fcp-protection CFlag errors show up in my terminal.

If I can’t fix this by merging the default config with my changes, I’m just gonna uninstall ccache and stick with all defaults.

I just end up playing a game of whack-a-mole.

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