Share your polybar configs

and add it to the Community Repo so others can easily find and use it:


I made a config for i3wm and bspwm but I am bit noob with GitHub. So do I need to make that folder in my own repo and then somehow make pull request to Endeavour team? :blush:

yes that’s what needs to be processed.
Best way is not to use the webinterface for it but as I see most users not used to GitHub do not like that :wink:

I would fork download my fork (git clone) add my folder with configs locally simply with your filebrowser… and proceed with git add . git commit -m "all my fancy configs for polybar in" and git push to add them to your fork… and now you can create a pull request back to the main Community Repo over the webinterface from your fork…

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Nice. So I just make a new repo and push my Polybar configs there like in your example folder. I clean my configs and test that later. :upside_down_face:

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