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thats rofi.

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I figured Rofi was an application launcher for tiling wms, I wasn’t aware it could function as a logout manager -type thing.

It’s great very flexible system, it can be used for…anything

There’s also similar thing called Eww, written in rust :bearded_person:



Great, now I understand why so many distros and DE’s, even mainstream ones, use it.
I just categorized it as “something those tiling wm freaks use”, and paid it no more attention.
This is very, very useful! Especially if I can load rofi applets in Tint2, or launch that logout script-or-what-it-is thing from the Fluxbox root menu. I’ll check it out.

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Finally found a Plasma Application Style/Window Decorations I like. Im not a fan of the arrows for min/max in breeze.

Klassy App Style, Breeze Dark Plasma Style, Breeze Light Colors, Klassy Decorations with Redmond 10 Titlebar buttons, Vimix Beryl Icons, Breeze Cursor, and Hack font.

Wallpaper obviously by the fantastic WLOP


Nothing too crazy for me :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi guys playing with polybar again did do some changes to make it look more peaceful and not that busy.

Hope you guys do like this setup of the bar ! ??
Feel free to comment :wink:


I like that Polybar configuration. Nice!

I’m still getting used to it ! it looks more calm then the previous config but i’m still not sure. i’m very precise i have to like it for 100%, and yeah its fun to play with polybar.

nice icons and wallpaper


I have a hard time getting syntax colour in Bash.

If I’ve understood this correctly, if I want colors I’m better off with another shell? I crave fancy colours.

All from the beginning, but this time on plasma.


I use zsh with syntax-highlighting and zsh-suggestiuons. Also use exa instead of ls, just make an alias in your .zshrc.

  alias ll='exa -la --icons --octal-permissions --group-directories-first'
  alias ls='exa --icons --group-directories-first'

Some commands support colorful output, you could make an alias for that to. Like for example

  alias ip='ip --color=auto'
  alias diff='diff --color=auto'
  alias dmesg='dmesg --color=always'

Sounds great, thanks!

I’ll have to make a plan, though. I don’t have a very deep of understanding of shells, and little skills in scripts. The best option seems to be to use Fish or Zsh in a terminal, and leave Bash as the default for the time being.

And then use that terminal for playing around with it, and make fancy screenshots :).


this looks fancy as hell :laughing:
i like to play around with colors and exa too


i didn’t really know what WLOP was or what it meant.
after a bit of searching on the internet i guess i have to say a really fantastic artist.

thanks for pointing me

I want to say WLOP is a software developer or something by trade and picked up art originally as a hobby.

I don’t remember the full story but they’re really good

Edit: software engineer I guess is the term used here, but yep

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