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@anon12581665 has left the building :wink:

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maybe or maybe not :wink: :rofl:

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Yep, it’s compiz the window manager with xfce4-panel and plank.

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On my littlebeast something completely different, it’s on the green side :smile:


Good that it is green (:frog:) but I was expecting a distro named Monty at the very least…

Raspberry Pi 4b - 8GB RAM - 64 Bit OS - Plasma - USB SSD Samsung T7 500GB
SDDM image

Splash screen ( appears between sddm log-in and the desktop)



Kind of an eclectic assortment of images, but it suits me.



will try when my new pi turn up .


Ever troed libanimation withgnome and extention?

It provides wobbly windows, but there’s a lot more that compiz can do, both fancy stuff and actually quite useful stuff (for example being able to on the fly invert colors in any window, or in the whole screen). Also I just don’t like gnome at all :wink: If I want a compositing wm I’ll probably use compiz or kwin, otherwise of course worm :worm:

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It’s unfortunate that Unity didn’t get continued - it was an excellent workflow system…and had compiz behind it too! Not sure the ‘global menu’ (Amiga style) would hold up as well now with all the hi-res monitors around, but it sure did the job then!

I know everyone likes the colours(?) - but it WORKED really well without straining the eyes… :grin:


Ubuntu 12.04? Geesh I knew you Canadians were a little behind the times. . . but what is it like 2015 there still?


If it was 2015 still, I would be still on Unity! They didn’t drop it and ‘extend’ Gnome 3 until 2017 I think…

I could have dug up a later pic - but I tended to have unusual desktops later on… such as

It seemed the conky took precedence!


Unity7 ain’t ded :wink:


This Ubuntu 20.04 Remix Brings Unity Back From The Dead - YouTube

I meant in Canonical supported terms - I know about that release and I tried it for a while… that’s where I discovered that the global menu was not optimal for a 4K screen! It was a nice try - and it was surprisingly good for a project led by someone so young - but it wasn’t Arch-based :weary:

It got overwritten a while ago, and I’m not sure if it continued - if so I would expect 22.04 I guess!

Yes, he seems to be somewhat of a Linux prodigy. I guess he was only 10 years old when he released Ubuntu Unity Remix first time.

Probably on a laptop too - thus the motivation for a vertical screenspace saving setup - with the compiz backing, you can lose the titlebars almost completely! I guess I should go back and take another look to see how it’s doing… along with other remnants of my past like Rolling Rhino (Ubuntu rolling).

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Took me a while to find it
I had to go through all my wallpapers
But here it is


Thanks a ton!