Share the same content on two web-sites - how to achieve!?

good day dear linux experts - hi dear endeavour-os friends

i have two sites - that should share the same content - so the question is - how to achieve that?

perhaps like so: perhaps we can go this way: ,by treating a url masquerade an URL, that is to keep the URL the user is entering when going to a page. For example:
The user is entering at his browser:

This must be forwarded to:

But on his browser, the address displayed must stay
I would like to configure this - but how:!!?

Has anyone an idea how to proceed?

you could write a script that deploys the same content to both servers.

Forwarding from one site to another but keeping the domain of the first one might not be possible due to security reasons (man in the middle / takeover attacks would use the same method, therefore browsers will not see it as a secure site)

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hello dear BS86

many thanks for the quick reply, great to hear from you

You’re right - i guess that youre fully right

but - if i rethink all the things -
i want to have

one site that has content on the server
one site -/(url’ or Domain) that has no physical content on the server but is directing to the server

can this be achieved!?

there are several methods available, some are configured in the hoster’s web-GUI, some in the web server config:

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