Share some awesome purple themes :)


Kde and I believe they all have GTK variants…

Simply Circles





This theme epsecially looks nice, but I remember trying it and it got annoying because it was so transparent, you should try it with the blur effect, that fixes it :slight_smile:

What file manager are you using?

Sorry i cheat :rofl:.

I took the example from github currently looking for puple themes with on kvantum puplish :slight_smile:

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Oh nice, please show me your rice once when you are done :slight_smile:

I lxqt generaly not easy to find purple theme it must also not too purple lol

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Why not just use a window manager and configure your own themes?

for GTK part i can configure but i have to find the QT opposit. and for the LXQT part i editted a bit to purple but there is some fault to fix first :wink:

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How do you tweak the GTK, and QT themes? And what does the LXQT themes do?

QT part is like kvantum , lxqt does use qt styles , also qtcurve also… kde has basiclt more styles, lxqt themes is more the panel theme like if you have cinnamon theme. i can use qt style plugin to gtk2 but thats basicly buggy… this topic is nice to gather all of the purplish themes together and if there there any kvantum popups i can easily match it with the gtk3/2 if on the same content, i know sweet themes for me is to dark. :slight_smile:

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Forgive me for my lack of knowledge, what does QT control and same with GTK?

the style is different…you cannot use gtk themes directly on qt or you have something same style or with qt5-style-plugin but its gtk2 and gtk2 becommes less regulate also those plugin is unstable so you have the style itself thats made match a certain gtk3 or in kvantum in svg style

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No cheating :wink: My real time desktop.
Shell: avidity-grape
Theme: avidity-grape
Icons: avidity-grape-suru
Wallpaper: @SGS your inspiration is killing me :heart_eyes:


Wonderful Inkscape (+ all) color icons, will or are you already a theme-god? :wink:

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No just a well taught student. :bowing_man:

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lets try it :slight_smile:

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This is really purple :rofl:


My 0.02 $ :wink:

Quick and dirty :smiley: