Share a Borg (Vorta) profile between several distros NOK

Hello, I have a triple-boot installation and I use my distros as they come, I like to change.

For my backups I use Vorta, which I’m very happy with.

I’d like Vorta to be able to detect when the last backup took place and to launch a new one if the backup policy conditions are met.

I tell myself that I’m not going to create X similar profiles (one for each distro) with the same policy, but a single profile visible on all the distros.

This seems possible since, if I’ve understood Borg, you can decide, for example, that X profiles from Y machines will feed a repository located on one machine.

To make things easier, my profile would have the same name on all the distros and the repository would be on a large USB key.
That said it doesn’t work, it tells me that the repository doesn’t exist or has been moved with two Distros based on Debian and an Eos, I’m thinking that the problem may come from the path to the key (/run/media/falke/uuid_cle under EOS and /media/falke/uuid_cle on Debian’s).

No doubt a path is set in an obscure conf file on the key, and when it’s not the one that applies to the distro, it doesn’t work…

Maybe you had this kind of problem, or I didn’t understand something with multi-machine and single repository to answer my need…


I haven’t completely understood the main issue. It sounds you share a (mounting the same) home directory in different distros and want to backup it with vorta in all those distros using the same vorta-config?

Afaik vorta expects a “repository” to be mounted in the same place. So if that (default) mounting point differs by distro you are going to see an error that the repository isn’t available.

So the problem should be solved by mounting the backup drive to the same path in all distros - or present it to vorta at the same path? There are several ways to achieve that: fstab, symlink, …