Shalom and Hello

Hello from Europe and the lovely port town of Hamburg in Germany.
My name is Alexander (or Ari in Hebrew) or I use online in short Alex.

I am currently a manjaro home user interested in similar arch based and my A.I. found EndeavousOS.

I work as a data scientist in an R&D Institute, my specialization in data science is ML/AI/DataViz/BigData. At work I use Fedora Workstation and that will probably not change after 10 years.

I left windosw back in 2007 for MacOS, was happy with MacOS until 201 and my full Linux switch.
I am 99% committed to Linux and FOSS (maybe 1% BSD and 1% steam and non FOSS games).
I am Linux user for 10 years, on my home PC I tried almost all of them debian/ubuntu, linux mint, elementary, popos, gentoo, suse, for my home PC I prefer easy to use arch cause of AUR.
I want to find a long term solution (at the moment using manjaro, without a definitive decision).
I never to the change or time to try Antergos, so endeavouros is sort of my second change.

I am interested to read more about Endeavour OS, how close it is to FOSS, any info links are welcome.
I prefer to use gnome and KDE as second option for my arm phone tablet etc, so is their a core DE or official desktop environment like GNOME and others are community editions or spins like in Fedora.

I already spoke with few people in element/matrix riot im and I can see this is a great community.

EDIT: if I select nation flat in discourse in the setup, it just shows the flag on the profile or is it a Hebrew localization setup on the entire site (first time I see a national flag part on a discourse forum).

Regards, Alex

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Welcome aboard! :smile:

I believe you’ll enjoy your time here. And please, don’t hesitate to ask if you encounter any issues.
EndeavourOS is closer to Arch, because we are using Arch repos directly (unlike Manjaro as far as I know).


well I already installed endeavouros on my pinebook pro looks cool and works great even with gnome.
the migration of my home pc will be easy from manjaro. I only use firefox VLC and steam on my home PC.
vlc, firefox and steam are flatpaks also the other games are flatpaks, so I only need to reinstall os and just keep .var file in home.
I already migrated from PopOS to manjaro hence I don’t see the possible migration as an issue.

is their any documentation in regards to desktop environments?

that is good to know actually, IF I was not busy at work I would probably build arch from zero.

Regards, Alex

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this gives main info about EndeavourOS

If you want to dig deeper see here on development side:


The EndeavourOS ISO covers all major desktops, including Gnome and KDE.
Personally I favor Xfce because of its versatility and lightness.

When you install EndeavourOS, you’ll be asked to select either offline install mode (includes only the well-themed Xfce), or online install mode (include all DEs with their vanilla/plain DE theming).

Offline mode does not require internet connection during install, but online mode does. The online mode also gives the possibility to select certain features/applications in addition to the desktop you choose.

In addition to the Arch repos, we have a small repo that contains a selection of useful applications that help you get started with EndeavourOS. Some of the applications will be installed by default.

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well I never given XFCE a good try maybe I will, even the base Arch uses XFCE as core OS.
thanks for the information that you have provided and to everyone for the warm welcome.

Regards, Alex


Does everything work?


well I tried only the browser and currently using it but I will fireup the USB again and maybe install the XFCE version and play with it, I never used XFCE will give it a try as core ARCH DE why not.
**Will give XFCE endeavouros a try and report my experience when I am back at work on Sunday.

I use GNOME on my fedora, and on manjaro, endeavouros with gnome on ADM PC works great :slight_smile:
I just wanted to GIVE endeavouros just a try but after posting in manjaro after 6 months they got accused by the admin that I have two accounts (because I share my VPN service with a friend) HELPED me decide that I need to move out from all that manjaro drama that happens every few months.



First impressions of the OS working on low specs ARM CPU wow even gnome works great.
I assume the XFCE theme and Desktop Environment are optimized even better.

Thanks for the welcome to all and to you @Bryanpwo I am surprised how many active members the community has I got 10 posts replies in less then 1 hour of posting that is a lot for a Linux community.

Regards, Alex


I assume the “First impressions of the OS” is referring to EndeavourOS? If so, may I ask how you installed EndeavourOS? Just curious.



Not only will you get lots of answers to any question or problem you may have, you will get nothing but helpful and polite answers.

I have been using EndeavourOS on six (6) computers since August of 2019 and have not had ANY problems which could not be fixed with the help from this forum.

Truth to tell, however, I have not had many problems at all. EndeavourOS is an extremely polished computer operating system in my opinion and, therefore, my “distro-hopping” days are over.

Welcome aboard. I hope that you like this system as much as I do. (I use the Xfce desktop environment as I have found that it is the most versatile one and it does not “get in your way.”)


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Welcome to the party :beers: Enjoy the yourself :smiley:

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yeah well I downloaded the ISO from github dd to usb and run the live cd and installed it from it.
my AMD cpu is an older compared to my intel system76 with nvidia has 4GB RAM and even with gnome desktop worked great, are you asking about how I installed gnome? I installed offline with default XFCE and then added gnome as second desktop, since the ethernet card did not work for online install on the live version.

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well XFCE is arch core desktop so will give it a try probably. thanks for the info.


I see the confusion I wrote ARM not AMD, and I assume endeavouros has no ARM version.

I have an older version of a pinebook with AMD and not looking at all like the current pinebooks
my company ordered in buck few years back they are only good for testing, but after pinebook pro moved to another chipset performance has improved.

Apologies for the confusion I may caused with a type and thank you all for the welcome.

Regards, Alex

It is in active development and on it’s way :heart_eyes:

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great to hear I have ordered a new pinebook pro with ARM * Rockchip RK3399 4GB LPDDR4 RAM, it will arrive with manjaro but will replace it when endeavouros has ARM version.
sorry again for the confusion with my ARM AMD type :slight_smile:

I will give a try of XFCE version on my system76 and report back on Sunday with first impressions.
Regards, Alex