Sexy? Show me your favourite themes!


Desktop Environment: KDE
Window Manager: KWin
Session Manager: SDDM
Boot Loader: GRUB
Splash Screen: Plymouth

Screen Saver & Locker: XScreenSaver
Theme Engine: Kvantum
Dock: Latte
Audio Visualizer: Panon

Global Theme: Carl Look-and-Feel
Application Style: Carl Kvantum theme
Plasma Style: Pax-Plasma (system tray icons) & Carl Plasma Theme (everything else)
Colors: Carl Color-schemes
Window Decorations: Carl Aurorae theme
Icons: BeautyLine
Cursors: Oxygen Stone Orchid (snapcraft apps) & Future cursors (everything else)
Konsole Theme: Carl Konsole theme
Fonts: Roboto

GRUB Theme: CyberRe
Plymouth Theme: linux-penguin
Login Screen: Neon Town SDDM
Splash Screen: BeautifulTreeAnimation
XScreenSaver Theme: Intermomentary & Borderless Black

Plasma Applets: Window Title Applet | Window Buttons Applet | Window AppMenu Applet | Better inline clock | Latte Spacer | Latte Separator
Latte Layout: Edna Layout
Latte Indicators: Dash To Panel
Panon Shader: rbn42-32px-untitled2
KWin Script: Force Blur
KWin Effect: Wisps [Burn-My-Windows]

Wallpapers: Desktop | Login Screen
LibreWolf & Tor Browser Theme: Catppuccin-mocha-mauve
Standard Notes Theme: Gruvbox Muted Theme Purple
Telegram Theme: catppuccin | Background

eddy-shinjuku - for my sexy 2B wallpaper!
jomada - for creation of the best system dark theme ever!
sajjad606 - for drawing the most beautiful icon pack I’ve ever seen.
l4k1 - for very cool looking blue tray icons which I stole from his Plasma theme.
psifidotos - for good buttons, titles, menus and indicators in Latte.
rbn42 - for creation of Panon and for making mindblowing wind-like theme for it. please fix PulseAudio after reboot!!
schneegans - for bringing fantastic windows effects from GNOME.
creativity - for making only Plasma splash screen that makes you desire to watch it forever.
adhe - for extremely underrated but absolutely awesome neon-like login screen.
eren16 - for boot animation with Tux.
henrique42henk - for just great cyberpunk bootloader theme.
catppuccin & gruvbox - for making purple great again.
linuxscoop - for inspiration.
archwiki - for knowledge.
kde - for bright desktop and dock. please integrate XScreenSaver like LXQt did!!
eos - fo… oh, waiiit. no thanks yet. first!! stop blocking AirVPN servers IP addresses to allow me surf forum w/o switching different servers every 5 minutes like mad. yes, it is a request.


Bonus from laptop.



Perhaps, due to my age, there are few really sexy things around, anymore.

Looking at your desktops, my vision starts blurring even more than it usually does, and my earlobes start to tremble.

Of course, personal taste is always something to discuss. Definitely, at all times!

…but not ‘Good Taste’ !



:rofl: :+1:t2:

That’s sad. Really sad. Feeling sorry for you.

Well, I really love bright themes and hate when pictures, photos or computer games are too white or too grey instead of using more natural colors. In my opinion, the best tool that was ever developed for games, for example, is ReShade (but only after nude mods, of course - they are out of competition). ReShade can fix almost any picture, no matter how bad it was originally, by just working with colors and various post-processing techniques. It is capable to make even ugly-pictured game really beautiful piece of art.

What is true, however, it’s that modern IPS monitors can be really painful in terms of looking at white color & too light themes. It is the reason why I generally prefer dark themes and also why I use my monitor not at it’s full brightness and saturation. Sometimes it’s hard to set up your screen in a way when at the same time the picture is colorful and your eyes not dying when looking at any piece of white light. One more thing in which I can agree with you: I don’t like blur effects too, though some not very crisp pictures just need them anyway.

All my wallpapers are slightly edited by me to add a bit more contrast and get rid of “too grey” effect which I don’t like at all. Besides, my laptop is very old, and it’s screen is not very bright, so even edited pictures looks like normal on it. My desktop’s screen is bright, and I enjoy it.

Come on, guys. World is bright, and so my desktop should be.
Better then complaining about old man’s troubles, show me what styles do you like, what things still give you inspiration. It’s more then possible that I’ll like it too, since I like many things :slight_smile:

think my need little more colour :thinking: :innocent:



Your’s is cool actually. Looks like a terminal to me. Terminals always look like this or very similar. I like the weather widget and it’s border =)