Several application issues after a recent update

Noticed a few weeks ago that vesktop (since discords updater is a mess on arch) seemed rather glitchy and would occasionally refuse to boot up fully without crashing. As a result i have periodically updated my system every few days to see if there is a resolution.

I frequently use bottles, from the aur not flatpack, but this seems to now absolutely refuse to boot at all, which has locked me out of 1/2 of the games i play and the editing tools i use for them. Seemed to be related to Failed to load module "appmenu-gtk-module". I found a report on gitlab about this which seemed relevant given i use KDE 6 and have a global menu at the top of both of my monitors. I found several people, including one on EOS seemed to report this issue relating to the python update, so i have clean built all of the apps i have that apparently rely on the older python version, and this has seemingly not fixed anything.

I also tried steam and this also has a segmentation fault upon launching, seems odd that so many apps have suddenly become unstable/broken. Only noteable thing i did was remove the lts-kernel from my build as i never really used it.

Logs included below:
Application logs from the terminal - system logs

Any assistance/guidance would be greatly appreciated. No idea what to do.

I only have a fix for steam. Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Cheers. Updated my system again and im guessing steam was fixed upstream, and i think that vesktop was too as it no longer crashes on launch. had to install patool for bottles to work again, works fine now though :smiley: