Setting Virtual Desktop Size in Plasma 6

I posted this in response to the Plasma 6 announcement, but it should have been its own topic.

I updated to Plasma 6 Wayland and have this “bug.”

My screen resolution/size is correct at some level (my wallpaper is sized to fullscreen, when I fullscreen an app it fills the screen correctly, etc).

But the virtual desktop believes the size to be different:

The first desktop has a fullscreen web browser open, but you can see on the panel that it only fills 3/4 (2/3?) of the virtual desktop.

The second virtual desktop shows that when I drag something like konsole off the screen the virtual desktop thinks there’s more screen to go (I use the push to the side tiling feature a lot and this makes it frustrating).

I’ve searched everywhere and can’t seem to find how to set only the virtual desktop size. Does anyone know if this is in some setting/menu?

(For the record, this was not happening before the update).

That is definitely not a setting that you can control. Were you using wayland before the update? I know there are all kinds of issues with getting data from wayland whether it be screen size, window positions, mouse position, etc.

No. It’s my first Wayland experience.

I see, it seems your issue is with the pager widget and how it shows things on your panel? If you log into x11 is the behavior of the pager different?

It is correct with Plasma 6 x11.

I’m not sure it’s just the panel widget though. I was trying to demonstrate that automatic half-screen tiling when pushing a window to the right edge of the screen doesn’t work because the window continues moving to a part of the desktop that isn’t on screen (it works to the left).

I find this baffling because if I have a small window and make it fullscreen, it just fills the screen properly and doesn’t try to fill past the right edge. So some system component knows the correct size while another does not.

Are you using dual monitors? If you check say the Display Configuration page in system settings, do you see more than one monitor. Even a virtual one made through the screen sharing portal or something?

I don’t see anything like that.

I see, I have been trying to reproduce the issue, but I haven’t been able to thus far. I wonder if there is something else at play. I’m using multiple monitors, wayland, and nvidia. When I drag a window off the screen it correctly shows in the pager. The pager size isn’t exactly accurate because of the multiple monitors, maximized state and window positioning is pretty good. What you are describing sounds like as if there is another monitor or virtual monitor which you can not see. That is what would let you drag that window completely off of your screen. Perhaps I might be misunderstanding things though.

I wonder if you reset all monitor settings and reboot would that solve the problem?


I realized I didn’t have kscreen installed for some reason. After installing it, there was indeed a virtual monitor I couldn’t see. I deleted it and this fixed the problem.

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Every now and then instincts are correct.

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