Setting up Remmina

I have been trying to get Remmina working with Endeavor and not having any success. According to what I have found online, you need to setup shares to make it work. However shares is not installed with Endeavor. Has anyone had any luck getting Remmina working with Endeavor and explain how you did it.

For me, it “just works”.

What are you trying to connect to? RDP?


I have it working both on arm and x86_64

For RDP you have to install the freerdp package in addition

What are shares? I’ve never heard about them

Shares is something that Ubuntu uses in order to allow remote access. I will give the freerdp a try and let you know if it works.

Remmina is a client for RDP and other protocols. You use it to connect to other machines.

Can you clarify what you are trying to accomplish?

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What I am trying to do is use my laptop to access my desktop remotely over the internet. While I have managed to make a connection the desktop can’t be shown. I have always thought the RDP was only used for computers on a network server.

Are you trying to install Remmina on the laptop or the desktop?

Also, what kind of server are you running on the desktop?

I have installed Remmina on both desktop and laptop. Not sure what you mean what kine of server am I running on my desktop. I do have the freerdp server installed. I am not sure but maybe I need to install a VPN Connection. Just not sure as all I can find about Remmina is either for Windows or is just plain outdated or gibberish. I only wish to know the proper way to setup a internet connection for remote access between computers using Remmina.

Remmina is a client. That means you would only need it on your laptop.

However, remmina connects to some kind of remote server that has to be running on the desktop. Something like VNC, NoMachine, xrdp, etc.

That has to be setup separately.