Setting up printer, no idea where to start

I have a Brother Laser Printer, model HL-L23200D. How do I set it up? If there is an instructional page, you could send me that. Hopefully, there is some GUI, so everything wouldn’t have to be done on the CLI.

or is it really with this two extra 00 ?

In best case it will need no driver… like my (not mi :wink: ) one a HLL2350DW

To start we have a wiki about printing:

I recommend to use system-config-printer to setup and enable local hostname resolution if you want top connect printer via network before that.

Thanks Joe! I mistyped the model no. You were correct. It’s HL-L2300D. I think my finger slipped.

I clicked on the first link and copied and pasted the lines into the CLI. I checked the menus and it looked like new GUIs showed up, but my model of printer didn’t. I did the first three. The second link, I couldn’t understand anything. I don’t know what network printer means.

What does ‘mi one’ mean?

my one i mean :wink:

And network printer means if it is connected via WIFI or Network Cable to the Router and not via USB Cable directly to your Computer.
is different from the on I showed… a bit older model may needs a driver to be installed… i can check…

there is one…
but archwiki suggesting this one:
yay -S brlaser-git

So depending on how your printer is connected… you need to setup network to be able to get the printer passing the firewall if USB cable you do not need that.

Am I installing a GUI? After I enter stuff into the terminal, I look for a GUI and try to interact with that. Two icons are in the menus, manage printing and print settings. I entered the yay brlaser line into the CLI. I don’t know what to do to verify that it worked. Yes, my printer is connected to my computer with a USB cable.

yes print settings from menu will bring up system-config-printer GUI… manage printing will open the print system web UI in your browser… but take the first one…

and if the yay command do not show error it should be installed… you can check with this:
yay -Qs brlaser-git

if it shows something like:

local/brlaser-git v3.r35.g3946f2e-1 (+8 0.00) 
    CUPS driver for the Brother DCP-7065DN

it is installed

OK, I have that little graphical program. I hit ‘connect’ and got an error message. I think CUPS isn’t installed. Maybe, if it was, it would automatically detect my printer and I wouldn’t have to do any more work. Thanks for being so patient with me!

So, I entered that into the CLI and it came back with exactly what you wrote as the desired response. I guess I must be making some progress.

When I use Abiword to try to print, there is print to file and print to LPR, but my printer doesn’t show up.

sudo systemctl enable --now cups.service

to enable the print server
after this GUI should not show the error…
and you can check if it is running:

systemctl status cups.service
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I hit connect on the GUI and it found the right driver and I made a test page. Thanks!

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usb connected and brother is mostly troublefree…

ah and just see:

So welcome to the Forum and the purple side :enos:

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