Setting up dual boot with Windows 10

I have Windows 10 installed on a SSD (gpt) and I’m trying to set up dual boot with Endeavour. I was just wondering, how would I set up dual boot so that I install Endeavour on my SSD and use an external hard drive (mbr) as the storage? I know I have to shrink my SSD’s partition, but how much is enough?

Thank you for any replies.

It of course differs from person to person, what you intend to do.

After few months of Endevour OS usage I settled at 60 GB - no gaming, while trying to keep my system clean. Documents are on a separate disk. Most of the space is occupied by Spotify, Docker and Yay. Have 3 kernels.

You can always start with 40 GB, and resize partitions later again, by using live ISO

This will be helpful:

PS. I use XFCE4, and with my 16 GB of RAM I just didn’t need to create swap.

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