Setting up a custom kernel

I have downloaded a kernel, with its relatives docs file and headers on three separated downloads (so, for a total of three independent compressed files).
Now, I need to customize it but I don’t know how to make work “menuconfig” after having uncompressed the three folders because I don’t know what path kernel/headers/docs must be positioned.
Going into the directory with the “makefile”, when I try to do “make menuconfig”, it start to load but then it returns an error saying that “arch/arm/crypto/kconfig” cannot be found. So, I tried to comment the relative line in the kconfig file, but trying again, it return another error relative to the next architecture cited in the kconfig, and so on…
So, I uncommented the lines above and the error is again relative to “arch/arm/crypto/kconfig”.
So, I need to know exaclty how to “merge” the tree uncompressed folders relative to kernel/headers/docs to be sure the “make menuconfig” works.

Thanks a lot!

you can use this point

zcat /proc/config.gz > running.config

if you go in menuconfig , then you will have all questions appears with last config used