Setting Monitor to 144 Hz Screws Up Display

Hi. I’m new to Linux, so please make this easy. I have a triple-monitor setup, and my main monitor can run at 144 Hz. If I set it to 144 Hz in the Plasma settings, however, the screen blacks out, save for a small bit of visibility of the taskbar at the bottom. How do I fix this?

Multi monitor is not simple. Depends on the desktop also. Are all the monitors capable of 144Hz. How they are hooked up makes a difference also. Post the link to this command.

Edit: Display port is best!

inxi -Faz --no-host | eos-sendlog


The far-left monitor is HDMI, the middle monitor is a special display port to HDMI cable because the display port is broken, and the far-right is VGA to DVI. I use KDE-Plasma for the desktop.

Setting up multiple monitors isn’t always the easiest. You didn’t send the hardware info. I don’t know what your monitors support. Higher refresh rates can be tricky sometimes on single monitor let alone 3. You’ll have to read the Arch wiki and do some experimenting.

The left and right monitors are both HP 22cwa 60 Hz monitors, and the middle/main one is a ViewSonic XG2402, which can run at 144 Hz.

What happens if you disconnect the other displays?


this one:

? Weird cabling can also affect things.

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Is it just one monitor you are trying to set at 144Hz or all 3?

Edit: If it were me i would connect only one monitor that you want to set at 144Hz and get it working then hook up another get it working and then hook up the last one.

You’ll be happy to know I asked about this on Reddit, and it turns out the cable I was using was physically incapable of running higher than 60 Hz. So I ordered a beefier cable off Amazon and it works perfectly now.

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Cables cable cables … hardware… hardware… hardware. I keep saying it! Glad you have it working.

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