Server backup softwares and backup hosts

Hello, I wanted to start a thread about server backup solutions and your experiences with them. I’m managing quite a few centos 7 servers, and data loss is always on my mind, just didn’t have time or possibility to try out more solutions. It would be a big problem for me, if I somehow lost data, literally the worst thing I can imagine :sweat_smile:. Curious if borg is a good choice.

Tried some commercial solutions(synology’s active backup, r1soft, synconix), they were all horrible and with serious bugs, not to mention expensive.

I’ve been using borg with as host. It’s fast and didn’t have issues with retrieving files from backup, the few times I’ve needed them. The host is really cheap, 12€ a year.

Also I know about Hetzner’s storage box, it’s compatible with a lot protocols, that’s next on my list to try as host.

My favorite things about borg and necessary criterias for other software:

  • no need to open ports and run some service on the client machine for it
  • encryption
  • differential (maybe incremental, not sure if it’s a good idea with more than years worth of daily backups)
  • compression
  • cheap hosting available
  • saving unix permissions
  • corruption resistant (afaik borg is, if you verify periodically)

Did you have problems with borg?

Do you guys have experience with other software, that more or less fit the above list? I looked at a few, but I can’t decide without trying them out for a few weeks each. Contenders right now are restic, duplicity, duplicati, rsnapshot with cryptshot(rsnapshot inside luks)

Do you think about disaster recovery? How would you go about it in case of physical servers and virtual too. I know about rear, just not sure how to save recovery images efficiently or make image from existing borg backup. Also I’m not sure if I could convince my vps host to run a recovery image for me. So I would like something that might be able to restore server to a previous state if I have at least ssh or command line access(novnc).

I am currently using borg to a local server and then rclone to store a remote replica. I like this solution because you can target any S3 storage provider many of which are very inexpensive. This way you have both a local borg backup and an offsite borg backup.

I have also used restic in commercial applications. It is also very good. I like it better if you want to directly target a remote backup.

I used duplicati for some time but I would not recommend it. It isn’t as reliable as borg and restic in my experience.

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Thanks for the reply, I forgot I use rclone with storj to store a local borg backup for a personal vps.
Most of the time at my clients they don’t have an extra server for backup or space on an existing server for backups, that’s why I was asking about cheap cloud storage that’s compatible with some backup software. But yeah it can’t get cheaper than hetzner’s offer I think. Gonna try restic out.

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