Seemingly random freezes or session restarts

For the past couple of months, I have been hopping from distro, to distro in search for “the one”, but there is an issue that is following me no matter which one I choose (tested Manjaro, Fedora and now EndeavourOS), so it is unlikely a distro specific issue. During normal activities, the system randomly freezes or, more rarely, the active session terminates itself and I get thrown out to the login screen.

I have just learned how to include system logs, so I did only log the last occurrence of this issue (the situation where I simply get thrown out to the login screen with no freeze):
journalctl log with filter for “fail”:
hardware info:

Additional information about the “freeze” issue, which is not logged above (I will log it once it happens again):

  1. Sometimes my mouse seems to be functional during the event, but the screen is frozen
  2. Once it happened with a video playing - it did not stop playing after freeze, but I couldn’t interact with it even “randomly” clicking
  3. From other threads I learned about the REISUB reboot method, so I do not do hard reboots anymore

Please let me know if any important information is missing - on the next occasion (happens once a day or two, depending on how much do I use the computer) I will correct myself if that will be the case.

PS: I am quite a newbie still - while I understand an importance of self education and the capabilities of Google, I will greatly appreciate if you could avoid using jargon or abbreviations of terms that a newbie might not know (at least without explanation). Nevertheless, if you will use it anyway, I will still be grateful for your attempt to help me.

This suggests a failing hardware component.

This sounds like an OOM killer activity, which kills Xorg, but many other reasons are possible.

Why don’t you post this then?

For the kind of problem you are chasing, this is very poor. Maybe full log, but I wouldn’t expect much…

Type: Laptop

Have you ever cleaned the interior of the Laptop? It could very well be from the dirt. Not unusual.

Can I check it somehow? Record different logs instead of those that I provided?

I thought I attached the correct logs. As I said, I am a noob in that regard. I tried to provide data best to my knowledge, which is very shallow for now. What kind of logs should I attach then when you think about “system logs” if not journalctl?

No, thank you for that suggestion - a little cleaning should be a good idea whether it is the cause of my issues or not.

journalctl -b -1 --no-hostname --no-pager

This is for a full log of the previous boot session (-b -1). For older boot sessions, change the number accordingly, like 1=“1 before current”, 2=“2 before current”, etc.

OOM activity was only an example. We can’t really say what is the real reason, so full log would be better (no filters). As I said, interpreting the logs is not easy, but we hope that some experienced viewer might get a useful overview.

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Thank you, I will attach the full log next time this issue will occur (or the other one that I mentioned in the post).

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Okay, It took some time since I haven’t been using my laptop too much recently, but today I have recorded 2 crashes again (there were 3 in total). A couple of notes:

  1. I haven’t checked the state of the laptop interior yet - for the same reasons why I have not been using it too much recently - life. I am sorry for not taking care of it, I will soon.
  2. First crash happened during casual usage of laptop, sudden freeze and nothing could be done. I saved the systemctl logs for this one here (last 10 minutes): first crash
  3. The second crash happened after extended time of the laptop being folded. Usually it wakes up normally after opening it, but this time it was freezed right away. I have not recorded systemctl for this one.
  4. The third crash has happened just a couple of minutes after reboot from the second one (reboot done with REISUB method). This time it was not a freeze, but just a sudden session termination (it logged me off). I recorded last 10 minutes of systemctl immediately. third crash

My hardware is linked in the first post of this thread.
I hope the information provided is good enough, if not - please advise me and I will try to do better next time.