Seeking Clarification for Printer Setup Instructions

Specifically the second line in @joekamprad’s instructions reading, “To start with cups and an usb connected printer:” followed by the install commands for needed pieces. I’m interpreting those nine words to mean even wireless printers should be initially connected by USB cable. Printer manufacturers have required cable for initial setup of new printers, so is Joe asking the same?

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First off, your link doesn’t work. I believe this is what you were referring to:

I install my Brother printer, copier, and scanner on my network without ever hooking up a USB. Not familiar with other brands of printers.

Further down in the Wiki article, Joe addresses networked printers.


Not at all, some printers needing to first install via USB and then changing connection to network … but this is only a workaround for some printers…

The first thing to do is to go here and find your printer (to make sure it is supported under linux)
Mainly you need cups and avahi services running and mostly you will need a driver installed…
Network Printer should show up on searching for it with system-config-printer anyway…

Thanks, Pudge; your response and Joe’s that follows are what I was hoping for. And yes, yours is the link I thought I was connecting to. I’ve used hyperlink’s many times and this one seemed straight up. Not sure what could have gone wrong but I’ll test it out next time I use one.

Thanks, Joe; as I told Pudge the answer I was hoping for. BTW I was thinking of making a separate post regarding your Avahi instructions – and tell me if you think I should – because after I used

systemctl status avahi-daemon

the terminal confirmed it was running and the readout closed with the word “END.” But when I attempted to close the terminal received the warning that a process was still running and closing the terminal emulator would kill it. Could this be a bug? I went to “System Monitor - Glances,” but was clueless what to look for.

only a warning as a process was still running… better to quit it before closing but will not harm …