Secure delete in nemo contex menu

When you delete a file are not really deleted, only with secure delete you can be sure that nobody can recover your files. To add secure delete in nemo contex menu to easy wipe any file you want you must:
1.Install wipe from pacman repo. sudo pacman -S wipe
2. go to : home/your username/.local/share/nemo/actions directory.
3. make a shred.nemo_action text file.
4. copy paste the follow and save it.

[Nemo Action]
Name=secure delete file
Comment=Overwrite and delete object
Exec=/usr/bin/shred -f -u -v -z -n 1000 %F

At the field Name=secure delete file you can chance the bold words to your local languish.

This field is translatable. You may find several examples if you open other applications’ .desktop files and check. For example:

Name=secure delete file
Name[en]=Secure delete file
Name[el]=Ασφαλής διαγραφή αρχείου
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