Secure boot violation. Invalid signature detected. Check secure boot policy in setup

This is the error I get in my BIOS when trying to boot either of the two partitions of my live USB of EndeavourOS (it made two partitions).
For making the live USB, I used a program called Etcher, I went to the “latest version” category and used the ISO link from Github, it detected no errors or anything while creating the live USB.
What do I do?..

(disclaimer: I am a very non-tech person, so… I might ask stupid questions or need very basic things to be explained, apologies in advance :') )

If it’s related to anything, my laptop is ASUS X550IK

You have to disable secure boot in the bios to boot endeavouros.

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oh, so it was that simple…
I suspected that, but still decided to post it here just in case it was an indicator of my live USB being corrupted or something.
thanks a lot, and sorry for a very simple question :')

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