Secure Boot Dual Boot Windows 11 - dracut & systemd-boot


Just installed the newest release of Endeavour and opted for systemd-boot. However, now my Windows 11 installation on another drive is no longer appearing in my BIOS boot menu.

How can I enable Secure Boot with my configuration such that I can boot into Windows 11 as well? I looked at some existing information but it does not use dracut and I do not have an understanding of how the boot process works.

Thanks for the help, looking forward to learning about how all this works!

You can’t enable secure boot with endeavoros but win11 doesn’t need secure boot to work.

I see, in that case how can I add Windows as a boot entry?

There is this tutorial for adding a systemd boot entry for Windows in a dualboot set up where each system has its own ESP. Please have a look:

I’m afraid I couldn’t be of much more help since I am not using such a setup however the tutorial is well-written and straightforward.