Secondary dock for XFCE

Does there exist a secondary ‘taskbar’ of sorts that I can have on the side of my screen, so I can access some often used apps w/o pinning them to my taskbar? I tend to have lots of things open at once, so my taskbar is already way too cluttered, so i need an alternative to keep a few apps that i use a lot, and also I do think it’d look nice. Does this exist, either through a setting, app, plugin, or something else? (not necessary, but i’d prefer it to have the ability to tuck itself away until i move my mouse to the side of the screen where it is and then it’d pop up.)

Use the + button to add a panel

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Thank you! The intelligent hide option actually does exactly this, and i can just hide the bar off to the side! This is the exact thing i was looking for

With docklike plugin :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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