Search with catfish in Thunar

I have a minimal xfce install and would like to use Thunar with catfish as file search engine but I don’t know how to get it working. I have already installed catfish with pacman, but how to set it up in Thunar, properly?

A quick DDG search.

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I searched before posting and tried:

  • installing catfish by pacman
  • opening Thunar and adding in user specific actions
    Name: catfish
    Description: search tool
    Command: catfish --hidden --path=%f
  • I did not add a key and could not find the search symbol to add below.

So what’s missing? Are other packages required in additon?

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Try: /usr/bin/catfish %f


A window appears and allows searching - so far so good. How do I get it integrated into Thunar?

To get it to show up, make sure directories is checked under the “appearance conditions” tab.


OK, now it seems to allow me by right click on folders to search. :grinning:

Is it possible to add the magnifier symbol? I have not found it in the offered existing symbols being offered.

I got mine to show up by searching for catfish under the application icons option. Does it not show up for you?


Now I got it, I was always looking for a magnifier glas… :crazy_face:

Thanks guys, first little issue solved. That’s my first xfce install, so sorry for the simple question. If I could I would give both of you the Solution.


Setting up a shortcut will be helpful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: