SDDM QML Combobox Question

I have created my own login/greeter ssdm theme, but the image I’m using for the combobox down arrow is to small. I would like to change the height, but I’m unsure how to specify the height for arrowIcon:

arrowIcon : “comboarrow.svg”

Works perfectly, but after searching online for two days, I have yet to come across any documentation to address this. I’ve tried arrowIcon.height, arrow.source.height, etc but none of those is correct.

            ComboBox {
                id : session
                anchors.leftMargin : 64
                color : "#5796ec"
                borderColor : "#5796ec"
                hoverColor : "#5796ec"
                focusColor : "#5796ec"
                textColor : "#104ea5"
                menuColor : "#104ea5"
                width : 240
                height : 42
                font.pointSize : 24
                font.italic : false
                arrowIcon : "comboarrow.svg"
                model : sessionModel
                index : sessionModel.lastIndex
                KeyNavigation.backtab : name
       : password

I’m a novice in qt/qml. Did you try:

arrowHeight: 24
arrowWidth: 24

Thank you for the reply! I just tried it and I get an error “Cannot assign to a non-existent property arrowHeight” (Same for width)

It was a good idea though. :slight_smile:

Wish I new the answer, have created quite a few splash screens for KDE but whenever I run into something I don’t understand I can never find the answer. As much as I love KDE I wish the documentation was better.

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I’m with you when you say “I wish the documentation was better”.

Lot’s of thing don’t have any doc (or really old one). KDE add things in qml but don’t document them, so most of the time you look in the QT docs and find nothing… At least you know its not natively in QML :rofl:
The same can be said for a lot a open sources project sadly.

For getting back on the track. I’ve done some recherche.

The docs given by QT don’t talk about it, so its not “native”.

Also when i open one of the default sddm theme. I discovered that they use arrowColor. It’s for this reason that I thought that arrowHeight could work. Again i’m a rookie but this seem logic with my comprehension of how QML work.

For me if this isn’t working its because arrow don’t have any property for is height/width. You can probably apply a transparent image for the arrow and insert yourself a img with the desired size and placement.