SDDM Issues

Hi, new-ish Arch user here, trying to switch over to SDDM, but every time I reboot after enabling it, I get a black screen. Running SDDM in debug while in TTY says that it failed to write xauth file. I use XFCE and Plasma, and I thought that maybe that was the issue since SDDM was made for Plasma only, but I’m unsure. Any assistance would be appreciated

Could that solve your issue?

Unfortunately no, I already had set as default.

What are the user and permissions of the .Xauthority file? (Hint should be your user).

 ls -la  .Xauthority
-rw------- 1 xircon xircon 59 Jun  3 20:30  .Xauthority

Same output as yours, just with my name.

l -la .Xauthority
-rw------- 1 slips slips 162 Jun  3 15:03 .Xauthority

OK so that is not the problem :smiley:

I run sddm on Gnome, xfce and plasma. Do any of the other DMs work?

I’ve been using LightDM since I installed endeavour.