SDDM issue on gnome-wayland

IMY issue is referred to the sddm-helper (Actually, I use Gnome on wayland)…

sddm-helper[1171]: gkr-pam: unable to locate daemon control file

I’ve found this therad on the arch forum (reffered to the sddm-password) but before doing commands that I’mnot able to reset I would know if this is the correct way to solve it.
I started to experience a non-reading theme for sddm days ago. In the config file it seems to be everything good.
Basically it runs using the default vanilla theme. I can log in without problems but sometime it log out without any reason.
I also tried to set lightdm just to get a try, but it seem to lock the mouse functionality, so I need to restart and set again sddm, using it with this little issue.
Anyone knows why this behaviour from it?
Was change something in some update?

This message also exists with gdm. It is independent of the display manager. It has to do with the gnome-keyring-daemon. And the message is FYI and harmless. In the threadyou linked to it says:

Read, there is no issue and no error and this is of informational value. It could be relevant if the daemon fails to start during session init, as that isn’t the case here it can be safely ignored.

I would just leave it as it is.