SD card not showing up (but I can hear it)

Hi everyone,

So I needed to put some video tapes on my PC (Endeavour Gnome) from a camera which has a SD card as storage. My computer has a port for that, but when I insert the sd card, I can hear the sound my computer makes when a removable device is inserted, but cannot find it anywhere. Nothing else seems to be happening, I don’t have a new window popping up or something like that.

When I go to ‘disk’, I can only make an image of the sd card. Is there no way for me to simply browsing through its files ?

I have ntfs-3g installed. What is i that I need to do ?

Thanks a lot !

I asume its formated as ntfs since you installed ntfs-3g. If not it doesnt matter.
Can you see it in terminal using lsblk command? If yes you need to mount it.

Command in terminal to mount.
sudo mount /dev/your_NTFS_partition /mount/point

Example: sudo mount /dev/sdc /home/fakeuser/sdcard

mountpoint can be anywhere. Just make sure you have access rights to the mountpoint.

There is good info on ArchWiki

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Thanks for the answer.

Weirdly enough right before I tried this solution, I re-plugged the SD card and it magically appeared to be working. Except it gave me an error message that it couldn’t access the files.

After several delicate plugging/un-plugging test it now doesn’t react at all. I assume there is a physical problem with my port and maybe it was the problem all along. Still I cannot test it anymore since it’s not responding.

Thank you a lot for your answer tho and a nice day to you !

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