SD-Card not readable anymore

So, just came back from a tour with my family in the wonderful Harz Mountains. Wife hat her cam with her, took some pictures. After we came home she - as usual - wanted to copy the pictures from the SD-card to her computer. No card recognized by her computer, so she did put it back into the Camera to check - Camera wants to “format new SD-card” - which my wife obv canceled. Came to my, I inserted into my PC - no SD-card available. So I checked via KDE partition manager:

Does not look good, no partition available where once a partition was. Looks the same on lsblk:

udo lsblk -o +uuid,name,model
NAME        MAJ:MIN RM   SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINTS UUID                                 NAME      MODEL
sda           8:0    0 476,9G  0 disk                                                  sda       Samsung SSD 860 PRO 512GB
└─sda1        8:1    0 476,9G  0 part /Data       fc6a43bb-ec9a-4f23-94e9-eff7cf5f250c sda1      
sdb           8:16   0  14,6T  0 disk                                                  sdb       ST16000NM001G-2KK103
├─sdb1        8:17   0   3,8T  0 part /Misc       e0e1bff4-1418-4574-b3da-823cfe4fc668 sdb1      
├─sdb2        8:18   0   9,3T  0 part /Stuff      545f70e0-5226-4d38-862e-cf159fbf6e7f sdb2      
└─sdb3        8:19   0   1,5T  0 part /backup     8c7a3875-418a-49de-8a6e-47a480315c22 sdb3      
sdc           8:32   1 238,3G  0 disk                                                  sdc       SD/MMC
└─sdc1        8:33   1 238,3G  0 part                                                  sdc1      
sdd           8:48   1     0B  0 disk                                                  sdd       Micro SD
sde           8:64   1     0B  0 disk                                                  sde       Compact Flash
zram0       254:0    0    16G  0 disk [SWAP]                                           zram0     
nvme0n1     259:0    0   1,8T  0 disk                                                  nvme0n1   Seagate FireCuda 530 ZP2000GM30013
├─nvme0n1p1 259:2    0  1000M  0 part /boot/efi   BDEB-C54C                            nvme0n1p1 
└─nvme0n1p2 259:3    0   1,8T  0 part /var/log    178ba18b-3faa-4b38-b7e5-5b0f5d2f285c nvme0n1p2 
nvme1n1     259:1    0   1,8T  0 disk                                                  nvme1n1   Seagate FireCuda 530 ZP2000GM30013
├─nvme1n1p1 259:4    0  1000M  0 part             5B0B-DC27                            nvme1n1p1 
└─nvme1n1p2 259:5    0   1,8T  0 part             178ba18b-3faa-4b38-b7e5-5b0f5d2f285c nvme1n1p2 

Any idea how to proceed, any chance to get to the pictures?

could try a partition recovery

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Test your luck with

1 extra/testdisk 7.2-1 (448.2 KiB 1.7 MiB) 
    Checks and undeletes partitions + PhotoRec, signature based recovery tool


The partition seems to be there, /dev/sdc1?

Perhaps a filesystem corruption?

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Guys, I just extracted every single picture from today via testdrive - tyvm for your help, guys!


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