Scroll wheel USB mouse, scroll not working out of sudden in EnOs

As i was using EnOs last night, my scroll USB mouse out of sudden Scroll wheel no longer working. I can’t find any scroll setting in “system settings” under Mouse.
The Logitech mouse was all along working without any problem, until last night.
Today, when i need to use win7 os, I realized the scroll wheel button ALSO not working on win7 os. Could it be possible Scroll wheel function has got setting somewhere in BIOS ?
That when i was using EnOs it somehow disabled the scroll wheel feature of the Hardware side ? Hence even in windows Os, it is also not working.
As far as i experienced with usb Mouse, hardly mouse ever broke down. Not for me

Seems like a broken scroll wheel, to me. Try with another mouse.


It is too “coincidental” hard to believe… :sweat_smile:

Yup, I tried another scroll wheel mouse, it works good… that means my Logitech mouse spoiled during linux os time.

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