Scroll Down?

  • Scroll Down = Move scrollbar down and page up
  • Scroll Down = Move page down and scrollbar up
  • Opposite depending on mouse control or touchsceen

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Just curious. When you set up your scrolling method do you set it up based on the page direction or the scrollbar direction? I’ve always done it based on the scrollbar direction, unless it’s a touch screen then it’s based on page direction.

I only ask because I relatively recently setup a laptop with a touch screen and it defaulted to page direction and when I went to use the mouse it was set the same way and felt pretty weird to me. Does anyone else feel strongly one way or the other?


Scroll Down = Move scrollbar down and page up.

Anything else is unnatural, immoral, and possibly illegal.


Guilty as charged :sweat_smile:

2:nd option on my end.

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You pervert. :laughing:


I use GNOME also :rofl:

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Mouse scroll down: Move scrollbar down, page up.
Touchpad scroll down: Move scrollbar up, page down. (natural scrolling enabled)

Oh yeah, I forgot about touchpads lol. They gotta be the same as the mouse for me. Down based on scrollbar

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whats about vertical scrolling ?

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Absolutely! I’m pretty sure there are punishments prescribed by law in certain jurisdictions for degenerates who do it the other way. :rofl:


I scroll sideways. Trackball with scrolling ring :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That sounds naughty :sweat_smile:


What Apple names as “natural scrolling” - i.e.

Opposite depending on mouse control or touchscreen

is against any common sense, human rights and scientific understanding of GUIs. It must be a relict from the great wars of the last century!
Ah, nay - computers weren’t invented yet, then.

That’s from Outer Planets Alliance (OPA), a loose confederation of the asteroid belt and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, and exposed too long to any biohazards, or the protomolecule itself, I’m sure!


I don’t scroll. :rofl:

I am also planning to get one of these screens:



Since they can make bendy displays now they should totally make a tablet and/or phone like that.


Natural scrolling ie. moving fingers upwards on a touchpad or touchscreen to scroll down isn’t aganist my common sense. What I don’t understand is that I actually can’t have opposite scroll directions for touchpad and mouse on macOS. (10.14)

Plasma has natural scrolling well-defined:

Are we talking about the mousewheel here? If yes: I never set it up, it always just works :smiley:


From this source (10.14):

Scroll & Zoom
Scroll direction: Natural Select this option to move the contents of a window in the same direction as your fingers.

Unselect, to do the opposite, I suppose…

It’s the first thing I change on any Apple Laptop when I need to work on it.

Scroll Down = Page goes down and so does the scrollbar.

How does that even work? :rofl:

Using the scroll wheel.