Screenshot tool Dual Monitors

I have a dual monitor setup, and whenever I invoke the screenshot tool one of my screens goes totally blank. Does anyone know what could be causing that?

It’s impossible to give advice or help without any information. What Desktopenvironment are you using? What tool are you using? What graphic card are you using (Nvidia, AMD, Intel)? Output of inxi -G would be helpful.

Just a hint from my side : I highly recommend shutter for screenshots. In my opinion the best tool out there for screenshots. It even offers to directly edit the screenshots (draw lines, arrows, insert text, draw coloured boxes and circles, blur senstive data etc) or even upload them to ToileLibre for example.

I read it works good with dual monitors also.

It’s a little tricky, if you use it with EndeavourOS if you want to have full functionality. Not all needed packages are dependencies. You just get basic functions, when you install it. But that can be easily fixed. Just start it from a terminal and you will see what function is disabled due to which missing package. Install those manually and there you go.

I was just reading on the site about shutter. Keeping it in mind as i have two brand new Monitors here 24" Samsung 1ms gaming monitors to run off HDMI.

Check out teiler for screenshots. Works nicely with Rofi.

For me hands down the best screen shot app is fireshot.
Allows capturing of current monitor, all monitors, section of a screen. Allows annotation, blurring of areas, arrows and drawing over the image.
[edit] it is indeed called flameshot :slight_smile: [/edit]


Is it possible, that you’re mixing up fire and flame? I couldn’t find fireshot in the package list. :wink::fire:

That’s what he meant lol