Screens turned off automatically after 10 minutes

I have installed the BSPWM edition and noticed that the screens will be off automatically after 10 minutes. I am having trouble in locating what is responsible for it and how to edit it. I appreciate any pointer.

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This happens while you’re working or while your system is in idle?

Thanks for replying. It is when the computer is idle.

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Thanks for the welcome and I think I have figured out the problem. I was looking for the power settings and packages responsible for screen time out settings until I found this post

In short, adding xset -dpms & and xset s off & to bspwmrc stop the screens turning off automatically after 10 minutes idle.

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The more hands-on method of handling this, including other power related settings, is installing a power daemon, like xfce4. It will let you customize when your screen or computer turns off, and what the power/sleep buttons do. Just make sure to add it to your startup script (e.g. bspwmrc)

yay -S xfce4-power-manager

xfce4-power-manager &
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