Screencast in gnome 46 in mp4 format and errors

I have installed the openh264 encoder which is required for it but it still does not seem to be recording in mp4 format.

Also in the logs, there is an error for something that I don’t know if it is something critical failing so some help would be appreciated.

Mar 29 23:32:17 redox-laptop gnome-shell[1319]: g_signal_handler_disconnect: assertion 'G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE (instance)' failed
Mar 29 23:32:17 redox-laptop gnome-shell[1319]: invalid (NULL) pointer instance

This just keeps showing constantly in the logs so I am not aware of why this might be happening.

As for the screencast the relevant log seems to be this:

Mar 29 23:31:56 redox-laptop gnome-shell[1319]: Error blitting framebuffers: cogl_blit_framebuffer premult mismatch.

You can read the complete log here.
Any help explaining these errors would be appreciated and if i should take them seriously or not.