Screen zooms around mouse

I was clicking combinations with the mouse and keys around the ctrl and alt buttons, and now I can’t get out of a zoomed in version of my screen that moves slightly whenever I move my mouse.
Edit: after logging out and logging in, to the expense of the time of a program running on the system, the problem was fixed. I’d still like to know how to resolve this without going to such extreme measures.

Probably an accessibility feature (like “screen zoom” or similar).

It will be DE-specific, so you’d need to look for something related to that.

Understood and I will, my DE is xfce4 so if anyone finds a solution before I claim to have done so, feel free to post the solution on this thread.

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Not sure why there’s a problem - but ALT and the mouse wheel will zoom in/out as required anytime. Hope this is what you referred to!

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I was just working with the mouse and accidentally did it again, but this time I noticed it was alt+mousescroll, although seeing this solution would have been useful regardless.


It might be polite to mark the post above yours as the solution, given it contains the same thing you marked as the solution in your follow-up post.

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