Screen tearing in videos

I have not installed Endeavour, but in the live USB i noticed screen tearing and flickering in the videos. There is going to hapened and if i installed it?

Nothing to worry about; it’s normal for XFCE and can be fixed. In settings, under “Window Manager Tweaks” and under the “Compositor” tab there are options to “Display fullscreen overlay windows directly” and “Synchronize drawing to the vertical blank,” among others. These usually fix any tearing problems in XFCE. On my PC (Intel graphics) I had to create a file “/etc/x11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf” and force the Intel chipset to use VSync. Pain in the arse, but not EndeavorOS’s fault. Of course, you can install desktops other than XFCE and the tearing will likely go away.

“I had to create a file “/etc/x11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf” and force the Intel chipset to use VSync” How to do that?

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For the Live-ISO it will be hard to get configurations for all GPU’s.
And Live-ISO is made for install and rescue the system mainly so no real need for a use as multimedia system.

Yes, i totally understand it. I am asking in the case i encounter such problem in the normal installation

For such thing, we need to create a script like nvidia-installer so that you can get this after initial install.

We do not want to preconfigure everything automaticly, it causes issues and will be a mountain of work for development.

I dont have Nvidia, as for the script if you think is good then make it. I am just satisfied with tjhebinstruction you give me (or any other future instructions i need) Thank you

as there are some different drivers for nvidia and intel mostly are more easy to configure, it will be o.k. to have a wiki entry only for intel only systems… I think that you have to know your hardware a bit, so you can check wiki for your GPU and will get the info you need to get it working. like you say already :wink:

In Antergos it was all OK without needing to do anything. I have little knowledge of how to do the things tou said

Antergos cnchi installer have a huge code part for hardware detection and configuring all this little things, but without letting you know what it does exactly. So in case of issues or changes to how stuff gets configured it needs a lot time to get this tracked on development side. If the user himself configure this stuff he get a little knowledge on it and will be able to find the solution more easy, and can give the info a helping hand at the forum needs to help out.

I get it. I hope i can handle all this stuff

you will as there is help for any question here at EndeavourOS :hugs:

Is there any program in Arch like the one Manjaro is having to detect your hardware and recomend the right drivers?

@AndreasDimo The answer is no, Arch is a DIY distro and Manjaro’s goal is to make everything easier, without the user knowing what’s behind that process. It’s unlikely that we will come up with a feature like that because it takes too much work to maintain.
This summer XFCE will receive a major update (since years) so maybe the screen tearing bug will be solved.
XFCE development is slow in comparison with the other desktop environments, but therefore very stable at the same time.

I totally understand it and respect it

I had the same issue in KDE. Fixed it withing 15 minutes after a quick search. You need root access to create the required configuration file, but you can do that very easily, at least in KDE.

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