Screen sharing options?

So far I’m not having a lot of luck getting Miracasting working…bouncing my display to a large screen isn’t something I have to do super often, but I do need to periodically. I’m still trying to troubleshoot, haven’t given up, but I’m wondering if anyone has found other solutions for projecting their screen, short of chromecasts (ugh) or walking over to the display and using an HDMI cable (double-ugh). I use Rokus and I like them, not real interested in deploying Chromecasts in my house right now. :wink:

I got it working with steam link on my last laptop,but haven’t tried on this laptop. I was using a clevo i5 / intel graphics to a Samsung TV (Fairly new).

Off to work, cannot remember where I discovered this… If I get time tonight, I will have a look (no promises!).