Screen share broken in GNOME

Hey I recently installed gnome version and wanted to share my screen and it didnt work.

I am not sure as to what to look for confused between many forums and solutions.

Here is the output of pipewire service

But no screen or windows show up in chrome screen share

Anyone else who has the GNOME version and was able to make screen share work?

I’m dont really know what info to provide here, but i’m happy to provide more info if anyone asks

Screen sharing is hit or miss on Wayland, but works more reliable on Xorg, so you may want to consider which one you need. You can switch between the two before logging into Gnome, like when you enter your password, there’s a little gear/settings icon on the bottom right in the login screen to switch between Gnome and Gnome on Xorg or something like that. Just know the gear icon only shows up once you start to enter your password. Hopefully that helps you.

I had it working on fedora and my previous gnome installation, would love to just have it work here too because of the screen tearing issues i had last time i used it.
But yeah, would have to do that if nothing works.

Starting from Archwiki, it is clear enough:

Screen sharing with audio is not supported on Linux. Alternatives include:

And with proprietary software, you should ask the vendor for support first :person_shrugging:

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Yeah i know screen sharing with audio isnt supported, i only want to be able to share one of my screens which i was able to do in fedora or ubuntu.
Also the problem isnt discord’s, it is just using chromium (electron).

Maybe i should try digging into how the fedora has their pipewire setup and try configuring mine like it.

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Screen sharing on Wayland is a hot issue nowadays. I suppose you have to pick your poison, according to your needs (or wants… :wink: ).

Yeah thats true, and like it works on many systems i’m very curious as to what is so broken yet works in other places and try fixing it

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Fedora has Redhat behind them! :wink:

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The solution to your problem is kinda obvious, isn’t it?

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I dont wanna go back to any of the setups i had before. The one i currently have is just perfect for me except screen share :sweat_smile:.
And i know any avgerage person would just go back but well we’re linux users for a reason :).