Screen is unexpectedly dim - Dell Laptops


I’m having an issue with my dell laptops where the laptop screen is very dim. This issue persist when I switch from manjaro. I think this issue is hardware/driver related, but I’m no pro.

See picture below.

Right now, my hotfix is simply to boot on windows and wait for the screen to lit up. After, when on endeavour os, I can browse on my laptop without a problem until I close the lid or the computer fall asleep.

I would want a fix for this issue because it makes my laptop unusable without an external screen. I tried other fixes on other forums like manjaro and was never able to fix it.

Thanks for your time!

PS: Here more info on my computer


Cautiously asking: Nvidia graphics?


This might be a good place to trouble-shoot:

With optimus-switch-ssdm, I switch between my intel and nvidia and the problem persist. Do you still think that it is related to nvidia?

My hunch is kernel and nvidia. That’s where I’d start digging.
The solution clearly is beyond my scope, I’m sorry to say.

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Here a hotfix meanwhile:

  1. Assure yourself that your brightness key works
  2. Play with the lid while changing brightness from 0% to 100% a few times

After a while, It comes back!

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