Screen flickers on an off after returning from screen saver

Hi all,

Trying to figure out why my screen just rapidly turns off and on after returning from a screen saver. It’s like the computer is returning to screen saver or returning to sleep. How do I go about troubleshooting this? It wasn’t doing it when I first installed the OS a few days ago but started after doing some updates.



I have the same issue, I’ve been hard headed, not making backups before updates. This is this last time I will do an update on an arch based system without backups. Reinstalling the os didn’t work to solve the issue.
I temporarily disabled my lock screen and that seems to have mitigated the problem for now. It would be nice to use a lock screen again though.

Ha! This is the same thing I did. Hoping someone here knows what is going on and can assist. From a hardware perspective - I’m using a 2022 Razer Laptop with a Nvidia 3060 video card.

I posted similar few hours back in the XFCE section… XFCE, 6.1.18, 6.1.19 kernels.

Thought it was me until another Telegram user reported the same. Looks like a couple X11 libraries recently had updates, so guess that is where the issue comes from.

I disabled my screen saver password. Consider slock or a manually started program for your computers until this gets fixed.

It looks like it’s specific to the lock screen function. I disabled all power savings features and the problem persists if I leave the lock screen enabled. As soon as I remove the lock screen feature the problem goes away.

Same finding when I mentioned that in the other thread. I’ve talked to others who can’t even log in due to this and get the flashing there.

I don’t think this is hardware specific yet. Dunno.

When this happened to me, I simply typed my password and hit Enter. Lightdm gave me an error message (wrong password)…but also stopped blinking. I re-entered my password and logged in successfully. Workaround, but not a solution. :slight_smile: Hoping for a fix in a future update.

There is a new accountsservice package which just landed today. accountsservice 22.08.8-4. Argh, and I have no time to update right now.

Anyone who has it in their mirrors and has the problem, can you try?

I just upgraded to accountsservice 22.08.8-4 (and at the same time restored glib2 to its latest version). Unfortunately, for me anyway, the new version of accountsservice did not solve the problem.

The only solution that works for me so far is to downgrade both glib2 and accountsservice:

  • Downgrade to glib2 2.74.6-1
  • Downgrade to accountsservice 22.08.8-2